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About us

Aarambh has started schools in rural areas where we match up with our definition of deprived. At present, we are running a school in rural area of Bihar. Our Derhgaon school has classes from Nursery to Class VII


Our Mission

 Aarambh’s mission is to provide 'Quality education in rural India.  Aarambh has been started with a belief that Education is the real necessity of society and everyone should get it. No one should be deprived of quality education because of lack of resources. Education (including moral education) will help us break the deadlock between poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, population explosion, crimes and other such problems.

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How Aarambh Started?

As we ourselves hail from these places, we decided to do something owing to the fact that children in these places have what it takes.Owing to all these reasons and hence, realizing our social responsibilities, we, a group of friends, all working software professionals, promised that no matter how small our efforts are, we will do our best (in terms of time/money/ideas), to help the uneducated and under-privileged.

School Updates