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Why we started with Education?

 Why we started with Education?

Education is the only way by which sustained and inclusive growth of the society is possible and to inculcate moral and social values in addition to education, it’s better to start with children i.e. primary education.

In education lies the key for eradication of many problems e.g. poverty, unemployment, population explosion, medical & health problems etc. For example: If people start drinking boiled water, this simple fact can solve or prevent many medical and health problems of poor people.

Giving money to an uneducated money and thinking that he will emancipate himself with that money doesn’t really work e.g. some people distribute blankets to poor people in winter to protect them from cold but many of them sell it off immediately for some petty things and one can again find them shivering in cold.

According to an estimate, India has more than 60% of its population in the age-group of 16-36 years, more than the combined population of USA and Indonesia. Though we have the largest youth population in the world, one of the major hurdles in India’s growth path is unskilled and/or illiterate population.<B> Many experts have warned that if this young energy is not channelized properly, one can only imagine the danger (unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, population explosion, crimes etc) looming over the country.

So, the key is education in all its form and at all levels of the society.